Western service JLLC

In the market of transport services since 1997

We are a member of BAMAP

We have the status of a customs carrier



international and domestic in the territory of Republic of Belarus cargo transportation by our own fleet of 24 combinations (82-100m3). Vehicles are 2010-2019 years of production and meet Euro-5 and Euro-6 technical requirements. Tilt and refrigerated semitrailers are available;

timely delivery of your cargo - assured by the experience in the international cargo transportation and performed by highly qualified drivers;

cargo clearance acceleration when crossing the border of the Customs Union by electronic preliminary informing (EPI) the customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus;

simplification of customs formalities when transporting the cargo under the procedure of customs transit due to the status of a customs carrier. This allows Western Service JLLC to transport cargo, the cost of customs payments for which exceeds the amount of TIR-Carnet coverage, without escort across the territory of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation;

safety - we provide carrier liability insurance (CMR insurance) with a liability limit of 2,500,000 euros (500,000 euros for each insured event);

on-line cargo tracking on the go with the help of GPS-equipment mounted on all our vehicles.


Thank you for your interest

and looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!